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Rex & Tripleseat Integration Overview

The Rex and Tripleseat Integration makes managing your events even easier.

Tripleseat is the leading event management platform for restaurants and unique venues allowing venues to easily manage events and track sales, leads, and guest information.

Most Tripleseat customers use a separate reservation tool that does not integrate with Tripleseat. As a result they need to manage availability in two places. That’s no fun!

The Rex & Tripleseat 2-way integration is here to save the day.  

Reservations Sync
When a new reservation is made in REX, it is automatically pushed into Tripleseat as a new Event. The API sync is instant and reduces the need for any manual entry.

Leads Sync
When a guest inquires about a private event, a new Lead and Account are created in Tripleseat. This makes the RFP process seamless.

Inventory Sync
REX allows inventory availability to be synced with Tripleseat. If an event is created directly inside Tripleseat, then availability is automatically removed for online reservations.

Reduce Redundancy
Tripleseat customers can spend less time selling pre-set packages and more time working on BEO’s for larger events.

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