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Rex rebrand: A fresh new look

Rex Unveils New Logo, Website, Tagline, and Colors as Part of Brand Refresh

In 2020, REX embarked on a mission to address a glaring problem in the eatertainment industry. Venues were investing heavily in eye-catching interiors and pretty websites but often overlooked their online reservation system - the very aspect that drives guests to their venues.

The Old Logo

‍We dove headfirst into developing features that streamline reservations, enhance the guest experience, and save time for venue operators. Our primary focus was on creating the best possible product for our customers and their guests. Our tiny team moved quickly and didn't spend too much time working on company branding while we searched for product market fit.

Two years later, after facilitating fun for millions of guests, we knew there was a disconnect between our brand and our identity.

We're on a mission to create more fun by connecting people to unique experiences

Simply put, our old logo just wasn’t cutting it, it wasn’t fun, and it definitely didn’t capture the essence of our mission. We knew it was time for a change.

So, we started thinking about who we are, what we stand for, and how we want to be seen. After some serious brainstorming, we came up with five brand adjectives that define us: Fun, Empowering, Tasteful, Confident, and Welcoming.

Then the fun began! We embarked on a creative journey to design a new logo, website, and tagline for our brand. We spent countless hours brainstorming, exploring different ideas, and experimenting with various designs.

And finally, after much anticipation, we’re thrilled to unveil our brand new logo! We wanted to put the “fun” in motion, so we went with a fluid typeface and a playful juxtaposition of letters that form a wordmark that is both fun and classic. It pays homage to the classic pastimes and games like bowling and golf that trusted us in the early days.

To create our logo and stand-alone “R” icon, we looked to vintage signs, sports teams, and leisure brands for inspiration. And we’re stoked with the result! It’s a unique brand identity that reflects our spirit and sets us apart from the crowd.

But that’s not all! We also came up with a catchy new tagline: “Ready to Roll!” It’s a launching point for planning fun and signifies a willingness to play. It perfectly encapsulates our ethos of facilitating fun!

We can’t wait for you to see our new logo, website, and tagline. Ready to roll.

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