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Maximize Your Revenue with the Rex and GoTab Integration

A Partnership Transforming Eatertainment and Competitive Socializing

We are excited to announce that Rex, the leading booking solution for eatertainment and competitive socializing venues, has partnered with GoTab, the trailblazing Restaurant Commerce Platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, offering operators and their guests a unified, hassle-free experience that opens the door to numerous benefits.

Experience the Rex + GoTab Advantage

This integration is a game-changer for operators and guests alike, providing an unmatched seamless experience. When guests book and pay for their reservations online with Rex, a tab is automatically created upon their arrival, with all their purchase and payment information securely stored. This streamlined process means guests can quickly check in, order effortlessly throughout the venue, and dive head first into fun without delay.

Key Benefits for Businesses with Rex & GoTab:
  • Faster Check-In: Automatic tab creation when a  guest checks-in 
  • Increased Revenue Potential: Leverage the power of experiences and add-ons to drive higher check sizes.
  • Boost Cash Flow: Collect payments upfront for reservations.
  • Consolidated Data and Reporting: Access advanced, comprehensive reports and payment details all in one place, serving as a single source of truth for your business.

Discover GoTab: Leading the Way in Restaurant Commerce Technology

GoTab stands out as a leader in restaurant commerce technology, offering a streamlined approach that melds ordering and payment processes into a singular, user-friendly platform. Renowned for elevating customer experiences while boosting operational efficiency, GoTab's Restaurant Commerce Platform (RCP) is a versatile and comprehensive tool. Its adaptability caters to a range of dining scenarios, from fast-casual to upscale settings, proving to be an essential asset for businesses evolving with the changing dynamics of the hospitality sector. To explore more about GoTab's innovative solutions, visit

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