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Revolutionizing Indoor Golf Centers: Rex's Game-Changing Partnership with aboutGOLF

Rex integrates with aboutGolf, transforming how indoor golf centers engage with their customers and manage their operations.

In an exciting development for the entertainment and competitive socializing sector, Rex Reservations (Rex) is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with aboutGOLF, a leader in golf technology innovation. This collaboration centers around the integration of Rex with aboutGOLF’s Clubhouse+, a comprehensive software solution designed to redefine the operational landscape of commercial indoor golf centers.

Rex, known for its best-in-class reservation system, is now at the forefront of transforming how indoor golf centers engage with their customers and manage their operations. Our platform, built exclusively for venues that prioritize the guest experience and operational efficiency, finds a perfect complement in aboutGOLF's Clubhouse+. Together, we are setting a new standard for service delivery and management in the indoor golf industry.

This partnership is not just about integrating two systems; it’s about creating a seamless ecosystem that enhances every aspect of the indoor golf center experience. From booking reservations to managing leagues and reporting, the synergy between Rex and Clubhouse+ ensures that golf centers can offer an unmatched experience to their guests while optimizing their revenue and efficiency.

aboutGOLF, with its history of pioneering innovations in the golf world — including accolades like the CES Innovation Award and inclusion in Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice list — is the ideal partner for Rex. aboutGOLF’s commitment to excellence and its vision for a fully integrated end-to-end solution for indoor golf center owners and operators align perfectly with Rex’s mission to empower venues to create more fun by connecting guests to unique experiences.

Ken Kamada, CEO of aboutGOLF, commented on the collaboration:

"We are very excited to add these partners to our ecosystem that includes PGA of America, Titleist, and Microsoft. It’s building products with the best teams involved that works."

This sentiment is echoed by our team at Rex, where we believe in the power of partnership and innovation to drive the industry forward.

The integration of Rex with aboutGOLF's Clubhouse+ is a testament to our shared vision of leveraging technology to solve the unique challenges faced by the indoor golf industry. With Rex’s focus on custom rules, actionable guest data, and dynamic pricing, and Clubhouse+'s capabilities in sim management, scheduling, and POS, we are providing a solution that not only meets the current needs of golf centers but also sets them up for future success.

“The idea behind this partnership was to give indoor golf centers an end to end solution that’s second to none. I’m thrilled to say we did just that” added Kevan Sadigh, CEO of Rex.

This collaboration between Rex and aboutGOLF marks a pivotal moment in our journey to enhance the entertainment and competitive socializing sector. By bringing together our strengths, we are not just innovating; we are revolutionizing the way indoor golf centers operate, offering unprecedented efficiency, and enriching the guest experience. Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter.

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