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6 tips for avoiding cancelations and no-shows at your center

Cancelations have always been a thorn in the side of every hospitality business. And although you will never be able to completely eliminate them, with the right systems in place you could significantly reduce no-shows at your venue.

1. Use Reservation Software

Let guests curate their own experience by allowing them to easily search, book, and manage their reservations. This also allows operators to collect and manage contact info when guests book.

2. Make It Easy to Cancel

Yea you read that right. One way to combat a no show is to make it simple for your guests to cancel ahead of time. If they’ve made a booking through your reservation software, it should be easy to cancel without having to make a phone call. A good reservation system will also give operators an opportunity to charge for cancelations if its done in too close to the reservation time.

3. Send Reminders

Utilize your reservation system to send automated reminders via email or SMS. You can also add a personal touch by calling. Make sure to include a way for guests to cancel or modify their reservation.

4. Take a Deposit or Charge the Full amount for Every Reservation

Collect payment at the time of the reservation. This could be a deposit percentage or the whole amount. Your guests are far less likely to cancel when they have some skin in the game.

5. Incorporate a cancelation fee

Clearly state your cancelation policy on your online reservation system. If a guest fails to meet your cancelation policies, you can automatically charge a fee.

6. Follow Up with No Shows

We know it's not pleasant when a guest flakes on you, but maybe they had a good reason. Call them and say "I hope everything is ok" and use this as an opportunity to invite them back.

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