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Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix speeds things up with REX

Learn why Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix switched from Peek to REX to expand their parties and events.

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Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix is a renowned family entertainment center offering a variety of activities, including multiple go-kart tracks, rides and slides, and arcade games. However, managing private party packages and race and ride tickets became increasingly challenging due to the limitations of their existing reservation system. LVMGP made the switch to REX to improve their workflow efficiencies and make the guest experience more fluid. 

The Challenge

Before REX, Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix used a reservation system that did not sync to their event management software, Tripleseat. This was a big headache for staff who had to manually enter reservations into Tripleseat. It also meant that inventory was never fully accurate, causing parties to be double booked.

The Solution

One of the key advantages of REX is its deep integration with Tripleseat event management. This two-way integration allows guests to book on REX and reflect real-time availability in Tripleseat (and vice-versa). This integration streamlines the event booking process and provides a seamless experience for customers, who can now easily book private party packages and race and ride tickets online through the company's website. This convenience reduced the workload for Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix staff and increased customer satisfaction.

We’ve been using REX Reservations at Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix and couldn’t be happier. The ability to deeply integrate with Tripleseat & allow our guests to easily book party packages has been incredible. It has eliminated countless hours of manual entry, allowing us to focus on more important tasks. On the rare occasions when we’ve needed help, their customer support team has been a lifeline. They are incredibly knowledgeable and incredibly fast, making sure we have the help we need when we need it.

Since implementing REX, LVMGP has seen a significant increase in parties booked. Additionally, they have spent far less time managing events and manually entering them into Tripleseat. Guests have benefited from seeing all the offerings and activities in one place so they can make the best choice for them. Finally, REX was able to tie into the new LVMGP website for a seamless and branded booking experience.

  1. A single calendar with all events
  2. No changes with existing workflow
  3. Countless hours of manual entry saved


LVMGP’s switch to REX was a big win and has proven to be a success. Other karting and racing centers around the country have taken notice and want to be able to provide a similar experience. If you’re running one of these centers don’t hesitate to reach out to see how REX can help.

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